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'"Gyutaku, anyone!"
We have gained about 30 new members in the last few months. This is very exciting that we now have 105 members in our Guild. I would like you all to start thinking about Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone this year. We have many classes and workshops planned to learn the process of Surface Design. Please participate in them. That is the fastest way to learn new processes.  Don’t compare where you are with your work to another artist. We are all at different levels. Strive for improvement through practice. Ask artists that you admire about their process. They love to talk about their work. Participate in shows and Show and Tell. Overcome your fear. Start creating your own work after you have learned a process. Don’t copy other’s work. Be inspired by it. Be an Original. Have fun. Share your knowledge. Never stop learning or improving.                    Cindie Townley

New Business and Information

Dues are Due

Your dues for 2016 are due in January.  Please bring a check to the meeting or use PayPal to pay online.   Since PayPal is available to everyone online, we are shortening the grace period this year.


We need a volunteer for the following positions.  
  1. Mini-demo coordinator.  Responsible for lining up a mini-demonstration each meeting.  The demos should be about 10-20 minutes and should provide some hands on activity.  
  2. Book Sales coordinatorResponsible for the book sales setup, take-home, and collecting the money
  3. Co-Chair for the show committee.  This person will oversee the venue contact and communications.  Aida Sheets is taking over the mechanics of setting up, running and takedown of the Shows.  

Facebook & Website Link

If you have a Facebook page, please "Like" our Tampa Bay Surface Design page. If you have your own web site, you can reach a much wider audience by linking the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild Web Site to your site. Add this link(surfacedesignguild.com) to your site to see how much more traffic you get! We are happy to link the guild site to your site as well. Just let Bonnie Bowman know.

We are looking for someone to take over the  Video library for 2016.  Many thanks go to Kim Sherrod who started these for us.

Please keep bringing art related books and magazines for the monthly book sale. Books sell for $1 and magazines are $.50. This is a good way to increase our treasury if you're willing to donate your unwanted books to the Guild.

Sell Your Wares

Any member wishing to sell their artwork or art supplies; the table fee is $5. The room opens at 5:30 and the meeting starts at 6:30. The meeting ends at 8:30 and we must be out by 9:00. 

Holiday Party Photos


Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild

2016 Proposed Workshops

Workshop Description
Personal Imagery: 
Focusing on creating imagery that is personal to you and that reflects your own style.  This workshop is in preparation for creating Art Cloth pieces for the Florida CraftArt show in 2016.                      
Sarah Butz, Angie Knowles, Mei-Ling St. Leger, Kathleen Fulmer
Stitch and Slash          
Simple machine stitching, ripping, tearing, hand and machine stitching and couch to create beautiful textured fabric art.
Brenda Schlecter
Day one – Tea & Ephemera
Day two – Prayer Flags
Judy Coates Perez
Soldered Charms
Learn how to use a soldering iron while making several charms.  Will also use copper foil, flux and patinas
Dana Maley, Cindie Townley

The Biology of Color
June Colburn

Melt Off Lame
Create exquisite lame and sheer fabrics by preparing lame (shiny) tissue fabric with Shibori folds and scrunchy elastic band techniques.  Then remove the exposed metallic thread and over dye. 
Marlene Glickman
Nuno Felting

Resist Printing and Indigo
Apply flour resist through a stencil to prevent certain areas from accepting dye.  Dye fabric in natural indigo vat.  Learn how to prepare and maintain a natural indigo vat. 
Angie Knowles
Dyeing Techniques – Ice dyeing with Brenda, tray dyeing with Angie.  Third person TBD
Brenda Schlecter, Angie Knowles

Member Workshops

Eco Print - 3 Day Intensive Workshop with Kathy Hays  Jan 29 -31, 2016

Eco Print Thrift Store Finds
Negative of Sumac
Here is your chance to learn about eco printing at Dunedin Fine Art.  Kathy Hays will be teaching her successful eco print methods during a 3 day intensive.  You will learn all of her tips and tricks to coax color and prints from plants.  After two days of successful prints, you will then learn how to print a silk shirt found in a thrift store!   Here is the link to register.  Kathy Hayes Workshop.   Don’t delay, this workshop is nearly full.

On the Wind: Quilter’s Prayer Flag Workshop
January 11, 2016, 1-5pm
Cedar Key Arts Center
To register contact CKAC (352) 543-5801 or gayle.wolfe1@verizon.net


Find our member, Gayle Wolfe, in the Art Quilt Exhibit at Cedar Key Arts Center
January 9-29, 2016  Opening Reception Jan. 9, 5-7pm

Paradise Found:

The 2016 Surface Design Guild Members Show @ Clearwater Main Library is up through February 26, 2016.  The Opening Reception is Sunday, January 17th from 2-4pm.  The winners of the show will be announced at the reception.   
Brenda Schlecter is coordinating the reception and asks that the following volunteers come early to help set up the reception.

Tablecloths, napkins-Brenda
Paper plates and cups-Aida
Iced tea-Angie 
Cookies-Cathy Simms,  Peggy,  Davida,  Mary Ann Pickard
Cheese-Donna, Mei Ling
Crackers-June,  Sara King,  Tuky
Fruit-Sharon,  Cindie 
Crudite-Marlene, Concepcion 

Here are the entries for the show.  WOW...  we have some very talented people in the guild. 


Paradise Found - Mancuso @World Quilt Florida was held at Orange County Convention Center was held January 7-9.  Here are the entries.

2017 SHOW Challenge

2017 Surface Design Challenge - Surface Design in Many Mediums
This is 12 month challenge running from January 2016 through December 2016 culminating in  a single, cohesive piece of work for our 2017 Member Show (Venue TBD).  The goal is to demonstrate the infinite variety that emerges when different 'design eyes' create art using a single set of guidelines.    There only a few suggested guidelines that are merely intended to invoke similar thoughts in the viewer.  If you are attending any of the surface design workshops outlined above for the Florida CraftArt pieces, you may want to consider also producing your 'piece of the month' during those sessions.

Every month will be done on a consistent surface size (you choose the size).  You want an eye on the end goal (12 pieces) that will be joined together.  For example, a 12" square surface would yield a pretty big object (nominally 3' x 4')  However, this size is your choice and if you don’t want them all the same size, it’s up to you.  If you want to mix your media, you decide.  However, all 12 surfaces will be joined into a single piece for presentation in the show. Hence suggestion #1, for potential ease of assembly.

Each month’s piece will highlight the challenge theme as follows. Each piece could also highlight the same or different surface design techniques or methods across the year.
  • January– Your Favorite Color (this could set the tone for your overall piece - or not)
  • February – Lines
  • March –Triangles
  • April– Squares, Rectangles, Parallelogram
  •  May – Circles, Ovals
  • June– Other Geometrics (octagon, hexagon, kites)
  • July– Nature/Flowers
  • August– Nature/Animals
  • September– Household Objects, either inspirational or reused
  • October– Architectural/3Dimensional and/or ‘other’ objects, inspirational or  reused.
  • November– Abstract Design
  • December– Your choice; something tie them all together or perhaps you made two and can’t decide between them
  • January – Assemble & Deliver for the show
Members should keep a running journal of each piece so it will be easy to describe the methods applied to each.  This will accompany the submitted piece and will produce a 'dialogue' that can be read by the audience.  If you feel that this challenge is too confining (or time consuming), you are still be able to enter work of your own choice.  As always, you can enter up to two pieces so a second piece is of your own choosing.


Purpose of the Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to increase community awareness of surface design and its value in our lives while offering educational and experimental venues, thus supporting individual artistic creativity while promoting an attitude of mutual respect and exchange in all areas of surface design.

Membership to the Surface Design Guild is open to anyone with an interest in surface design of any variety. All levels of interest and expertise are welcome. If you or someone you know would like to join please contact surface.design.guild@gmail.com.  Bring your registration form to the next meeting, register and pay online, or send a check made out to the Surface Design Guild to:

Surface Design Guild
c/o Mary Ann Pickard

6805 Paradise Bay Way
Tampa, FL 33615 

Board & Committee Members 2016

President - Cindie Townley  ctownley22@gmail.com 618-407-9223

Vice President/Programs – Angie Knowles  
Secretary – Peggy Daubar
Treasurer/Membership – Mary Ann Pickard
Multi-Media Committee –
        NewsBlog: Sharon Appler-sharon.appler@gmail.com                                            
        Web: Bonnie Bowman - surfacedesignguild@gmail.com
Mini-workshop Committee –Open

Show Committee - Co-Chairs OPEN, and Aida Sheets.  Committee Members: Llani O'Connor, Concepcion Tharin, Cindie Townley, Davida Milne, June Colburn, Aida Sheets, Sarah Butz, Linda Dawson, Sharon Appler.  Please join us if you would like to be part of the group.


We meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30PM. Doors open at 5:30 with social time between 6 and 6:30.   Limited table space is available for $5 for members to sell their work.
Suncoast Hospice  5771 Roosevelt Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33760
We are in Building 10 which is immediately to the right of the Welcome Center as you face the building.



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