December 2015 NewsBlog

Are you an artist who has to control every detail of the outcome or are you carefree and let things happen? When finished, does your work have a look that others see as yours? We have many artists in our guild with a “signature look” who have over time developed a style in their work that says it’s theirs. I’m happy to say that one of my goals for this year was to reach a membership of 100 or more. We did it!  The purpose of this guild is to share ideas and learn from each other. Now, we have so many artists, there will be no lack of inspiration in our group. Part of the success is the quality Mini-Demo we have each month and Show and Tell. Thank you all for such a successful year. 
Cindie Townley

New Business and Information
Your dues for 2016 are due in January.  Please bring a check to the meeting or use PayPal to pay online.   Since PayPal is available to everyone online, we are shortening the grace period this year.  

Slate of officers for 2016
The following slate of officers were elected during the November meeting.

President: Cindie Townley
VP/Workshops: Angie Knowles

Mini-Workshops: Kim Sherrod
Secretary: Peggy Daubar
Treasurer: Mary Ann Pickard
Shows: Annie! Wade
Multi-Media; Bonnie Bowman & Sharon Appler

Installation of officers will occur during the holiday party in December.

Holiday Party

The Holiday party will include a Gift Exchange. Each gift must be handmade by the artist, limiting cost of materials to $15. The gift is NOT to be holiday related. Present your gift in a brown paper grocery bag - no decoration. 

Bring a pot-luck dish to share with the group.  

We will be playing games.  Please, if you have not done so, send your interesting fact to Dana before the meeting on Monday.  

We will be making name tags during the party.  You will need a blank hotel room key or expired credit card to act as a base (it will be covered up!). Please bring scissors, a glue gun (to share) or sewing machine (also to share - if you think you need one). Also bring embellishments you would like to use or wish to share. However, remember, it's a name tag so a small handful of embellishments will work. No need to bring three bags full!!! We will providing the magnetic back to hold it on your clothing and a strip label with your name on it to stick on the plastic backing.   There will be a prize for the most creative.

Our sale tables and free tables will still be available during the Holiday Party.

Facebook & Website Link

If you have a Facebook page, please "Like" our Tampa Bay Surface Design page. If you have your own web site, you can reach a much wider audience by linking the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild Web Site to your site. Add this link( to your site to see how much more traffic you get! We are happy to link the guild site to your site as well. Just let Bonnie Bowman know.

We are looking for someone to take over the Book sale and Video library for 2016.  Many thanks go to Kim Sherrod who started these for us.

Please keep bringing art related books and magazines for the monthly book sale. Books sell for $1 and magazines are $.50. This is a good way to increase our treasury if you're willing to donate your unwanted books to the Guild.

Sell Your Wares

Any member wishing to sell their artwork or art supplies; the table fee is $5. The room opens at 5:30 and the meeting starts at 6:30. The meeting ends at 8:30 and we must be out by 9:00.


November Workshop with June Colburn


 January, 2016  Adventure with Linda Dawson, Facilitator

The January 2016 workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 9th and 10th at the Indian Rocks Beach Art Center. Saturday will run 10:00 – 4:00 and Sunday will run 1:00 – 4:00 unless we decide something different once we get started. Cost of the workshop is $75.00 which includes the fee to the Art Center.  You must register and pay your fee in the December meeting because this workshop will be held before our regular January meeting. 

Linda has a post on her blog describing the techniques we will be doing on the Sunday portion of the workshop. Please take a look. The photo below shows a sample of these techniques.
Check it out at             
Supply list: you will need the standard items for dyeing fabrics – rubber gloves, an OSHA approved dust mask, duck tape, old clothes which will not be damaged by dye, (Yes, we do sometimes spill on ourselves), a few paint brushes ranging from 1.5 to 2 inch which you do not mind putting in the dyes, pins for securing your fabric to your print pad, a print pad if you have one.  (Linda will bring 5, 2 24” squares, 2 48” squares and one 24” x 48” rectangle.) If you attended a workshop by Jane Dunnewold or Kerr Grabowski you may still have the pad you got there. You will also need some plastic to wrap your wet fabrics to take home, a pool tube to wrap them on and a large garbage bag to hold them while in transit. You will also need fabric. We will be working mostly with fat quarters (18” x 22”) and half yards. The fabric should be cotton for learning purposes but the techniques work on all natural fabrics which take the MX dyes we will be using. You can use the bleached muslin from JoAnn’s or I will have some fabric available at the Holiday party for sale. Price to be determined once I order the fabric and see if the price as increased since I last ordered. It will be somewhere between $7.00 and $9.00 per yard. The fabric needs to be soda ash soaked. This is done by adding soda ash or Pool+ or Pool-Up to water, ¾ cup per gallon, soaking for 15 minutes and hanging to dry. DO NOT dry in the dryer as this will coat the dryer basket with soda ash. Finally, if you have silk screens please bring them. We will be making silk screens from adjustable window screens available at Home Depot. I will bring all the screens that I have so hopefully we will have enough screens. All other supplies will be furnished by Linda, including the dyes, print paste, soda ash, screening material for the screens, the mark making materials and the materials for creating texture. She will bring her hair dryer to help dry the screens and it would be nice if a few of you would also bring these items.

February Workshop - Personal imagery

What is it, how do you create it, how to use it. This workshop is in preparation of creating Art Cloth pieces for Florida CraftArt. Several members will give a short presentation of how they create their personal imagery. Then participates will have time to work on creating their own personal imagery during this workshop.  There are quite a few "Process, Imagery and Techniques" workshops being offered by Guild members as a follow up to this overall workshop.  See the "Shows" section for more details. 

April with Judy Coates Perez

We will be offering two 1 day workshops with Judy. Friday April 9, 2016 Tea & Ephemera and Saturday April 10 Prayer Flags. No cost yet, but should have all that finalized by the December meeting. If you wish to go look at Judy's work, follow the link to her workshop page:

 And the Survey Says!

Thanks to everyone who completed a workshop survey.  Angie received 21 responses and here are the results: 
How long a member of TBSDG:

  • 3 years or less: 10 members
  • 3-6 years: 3 members
  • 7+ years: 8
Our skill level:
  • Beginner: 5
  • Intermediate: 13
  • Advanced: 3
This is what we do: (multiple answers allowed)

  • Art Quilts: 13
  • Art Cloth: 11
  • Mixed Media: 11
  • Felt: 5
  • Jewelry: 10
  • Art: 7
  • Other:
  • crochet/knit: 2
  • paper sculpture
  • stained glass
  • torch fired enamel
  • weaving
  • wearable art
  • art dolls
  • quilting

What we are interested in learning:

mixed media art quilts, printing on cloth, recycling and up-cycling of materials and clothes,

deconstructive screen printing, workshops on creativity, fabric dyeing, paper clay, design principles, innovative techniques, surface design techniques, photography for artists, printing techniques, art cloth, art quilts, acrylic painting, mixed media collage, encaustics, soldering, acrylic inks, making silk screens, advanced basketry, advanced discharge, indigo, thread painting, rust, felt, layering of printing and art.

Whew! We need more months in the year.

Things that would make the guild better:

  • name tags
  • new member mentors
  • starting workshops on time
  • Friday/Saturday workshops
  • let's all play nice—no backstabbing, no jealousy
  • have a show and sale to show off our work
  • become an organization that is focused on growing each persons skills
Other comments: the mini workshops are enjoyable.


Brenda Schlecter has 10 pieces on display this month in the gallery at the Largo Public Library, 120 Central Park Drive, right off of East Bay Drive. 
2016 Surface Design Guild Members Show
@ Clearwater Main Library
January 5 - February 26, 2016
Opening Reception - Sunday, January 17th from 2-4pm

The Guild encourages member's best work that has not been previously shown in an SDG exhibit. Our show will be juried by Diane Shelly, Executive Director of Florida CraftArt, on Sunday, January 3, 2016.

The Show Committee will:
       -design a pamphlet to use as invitations and for the press
       -accept 2-D and 3-D work on Saturday, January 2, 2016 between 10am and 2pm.          
       -hang show - all work will be hung/displayed at our discretion on January 4th
       -coordinate and hold an opening reception on Sunday, January 17th from 2-4pm
       -take down show on Saturday, February 27th…at which time members will be required to pick up their work from the library between the hours of 11am-1pm.

SDG Members will:
       -pay $25 entry fee per member for up to 2 pieces of work (no refunds)
       -sign guild contract (found on our website
       -deliver work to Clearwater Main library on Saturday, January 2nd between the hours of 10am and 2pm. No work can be accepted after this date.
       -provide ready to hang/display work
       -provide label information & a short artist statement describing your piece in a Microsoft Word format to by Saturday, December 19th
       -give credit if you use others patterns, images or artwork
       -if your work is not juried into the show, it must be picked on Monday, January 4th between 10am and 1pm
       -you may offer your art for sale, but if you do, you must provide contact information as the sale would be between you and the buyer - (SDG, nor the library will be involved in any sales)
       -work can't be taken down until after the show closes on February 26th
       -volunteer to provide food for opening reception
       -send out e-vites and invitations to your mailing lists.
Gail Crotty and Bonnie Ward have volunteered to sign in our work at the library on Saturday, January 2nd between 10am-2pm

Cindie Townley and Annie Wade will meet our juror, Diane Shelly, on Sunday, January 3rd to assist in the jurying process.

Aida Sheets, Cindie Townley, Mei-Ling St Leger, Paula Walker and Kim Sherrod have volunteered to hang the show on Monday, January 4th.

Brenda Schlechter has volunteered to coordinate the opening reception which will be held on Sunday January 17th from 2-4pm.
Thank you to all who have volunteered…and for those of you entering pieces for this show!

Paradise Found - Mancuso
@World Quilt Florida
Orange County Convention Center 
West Concourse - Hall E2,  9800 International Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819

Please submit your best work. (Since we have not presented at this show before, it can be older than two years).
The Show Committee will:
       -Accept art which must have a 4" sleeve (or tabs) at Clearwater Main Library on January 2, 2016 from     10am-2pm
       -Hang show at our discretion
       -'Break down' when show closes
SDG Members will:
       -Sign Guild agreement
       -Deliver work to Clearwater Main Library on January 2, 2016 between 10am-2pm (NOTE:  this delivery is concurrent with items being submitted for the Paradise Found - Clearwater Show)

       -Provide ready to hang work (4" sleeve or tabs)
       -Provide label information & a short description/artist statement for your work
       -Give credit if you use others artwork, images or patterns
       -Volunteer to help with set-up and break-down
       -Volunteer to 'man' our information table during the show (Jan7-9). Member Demos are encouraged during the show.
       -Send out evites and invitations to your mailing lists
       -Pick up work at our regularly scheduled meeting, January 11, 2016
Exhibit Show Committee…Llani O'Connor, Concepcion Tharin, Cindie Townley, Davida Milne, June Colburn, Aida Sheets, Sarah Butz, Linda Dawson, annie! Wade.  Please join us if you would like to be part of the group.
The Mancuso exhibitors list follows.  

'Elephant Ear Leaf Dress'
Sharon Appler
24"w x 60" long
Roseline Young
88"h x 38"w x 1"d
'Day by Day: Pieces of Life" Color Series Doorway
Marlene Glickman
84"L x 78"W x ½"d
'Moonlight Garden'
Cindie Townley
18" x 18"
Carol Holsopple
48"w x 36"l
'Cathedrals Around The World' 
Sara Newberg King
34"w x 36"l
'Formal Garden'
Brenda Schlechter
'Beach Grass'
Brenda Schlechter
'Earth Elements'
Cathy Simms / Kathy Hays
16"h x 19"w

'California Circles'
Cathy Simms
30"h x 26"w

'Flamingo In February'
Cathy Simms
41"h x 20"w

'Back to Basics'
annie! Wade
21"h x 12"w
'Girl Reading'
annie! Wade
20"h x 16"w
'Shooting Star'
annie! Wade and Sophia Wightman Wade
26"h x 17"w
Concepcion Tharin
56"h x 34"l
Table Runner
Concepcion Tharin
40"l x 14"w
Concepcion Tharin
'Don't Litter'
JoAnn Mendenhall
JoAnn Mendenhall
21" x 24"
JoAnn Mendenhall
28" x 33"
'Sea Turtles'
JoAnn Mendenhall
18" x 21"

Please get in touch with Annie! to make any corrections.

Florida CraftArt 

Process, Imagery and Technique Workshops

Florida Craft Art has invited SDG to be a part of Sticks, Leaves and Twigs, an invitational show featuring wood, fiber and basketry, August 26- October 22, 2016. We are being asked to create yardage to hang from the ceiling of the gallery. The panels should reference some aspect of trees or forests.  We will be sending our work at the beginning of August and the curator will choose the pieces that will be in the show. The yardage can be created by individuals or groups of SDG members.

The Guild will have a workshop for the entire Guild in February at the Beach Art Center about coming up with and creating personal imagery for screen printing.  Each person will be encouraged to create imagery for their fabric that is meaningful to them.  All participants will be using their own personal imagery on their yardage.  Each participant will end up with their own piece of yardage.

All workshop costs do NOT cover the cost of screens, thermofax screens or fabric.  We will be ordering a bolt of cotton fabric if you would like to buy a 3 yard piece.

Linda Dawson         4 students max; 3 sessions at her home;$10.00 per session

Thursday, January 28, Shibori Dyeing – starting at 10:00 and running until 2:00 or later

Thursday, February 4, Discharge – starting at 10:00 until 2:00 or later

Thursday, February 11, Screen Printing – starting at 10:00 until 2:00 or later.

Sarah Butz             4 students max; 3 sessions; at her home;  $10.00 per session

Friday, Feb. 12, Shibori Dyeing – starting at 10:00 and running until 2:00 or later

Friday, February 26,  Discharge – starting at 10:00 until 2:00 or later

Friday, March 4, Screen Printing –  starting at 10:00 until 2:00 or later.

Angie Knowles      5 students max 2 sessions at her home; $10-15 for whole class

Work will be accomplished over several weekends in 2-3 hour blocks of time starting end of Feb. 2016.  We will create 2 -3 yard lengths of art cloth using a combination of surface design techniques:

  • low water immersion dyeing
  • discharge
  • over-dyeing
  • screen printing
  • stamping
  • stenciling
  • foiling
  • stitching
Mei-Ling St. Leger       Number of tables 3 sessions at IRBAC; $5.00 per session     

After initial dyeing, when applying more layers, I prefer to use thickened dye so the piece is 2 sided; therefore can be hung from the ceiling.  Dye colors are transparent, not opaque like pigment, so they give a great range of possible colors.

Discharge and dye can be applied directly by brush, by stamping, or screen printing.  Screens will be from freezer paper stencils, so cheap and flexible choices.  You can provide your own screens at your expense.

I plan to meet at IRBAC on the same Sundays as the SDG workshops; in the other room. Meeting date will be firmed up by the next SDG meeting. I don’t have a computer so please call me at 727-791-4109.

Kathleen Fulmer       4 students max; Saturday, March 12 at her home; $5.00 for supplies.   I will be teaching Arashi Shibori (pole wrapping) with silk fabric; We will be using fiber reactive dyes to dye fabric, over dye with acid dyes and do a discharge with Dharma color remover.  You can supply your own silk fabric or I will have fabric for purchase.

Bonnie Bowman           4 students max; 1 session, Sat, May 1 at her home;$5.00 for supplies; 10:30 AM till when we are done.

We will work predominately with thickened dyes and discharge paste, (but I am flexible if you have other needs).  Printing with discharge and various types of paste. Printing and painting with thickened dyes.

Troubleshooting previously dyed works.  (You may also bring fabric that you are less than happy with.  We’ll explore ways to salvage it, whether it is a problem with dyes continuing to bleed or you want to change the color and patterning.)

2017 SHOW Challenge

2017 Surface Design Challenge - Surface Design in Many Mediums

This is 12 month challenge running from January 2016 through December 2016 culminating in  a single, cohesive piece of work for our 2017 Member Show (Venue TBD).  The goal is to demonstrate the infinite variety that emerges when different 'design eyes' create art using a single set of guidelines.    There only a few suggested guidelines that are merely intended to invoke similar thoughts in the viewer.  If you are attending any of the surface design workshops outlined above for the Florida CraftArt pieces, you may want to consider also producing your 'piece of the month' during those sessions.

Every month will be done on a consistent surface size (you choose the size).  You want an eye on the end goal (12 pieces) that will be joined together.  For example, a 12" square surface would yield a pretty big object (nominally 3' x 4')  However, this size is your choice and if you don’t want them all the same size, it’s up to you.  If you want to mix your media, you decide.  However, all 12 surfaces will be joined into a single piece for presentation in the show. Hence suggestion #1, for potential ease of assembly.

Each month’s piece will highlight the challenge theme as follows. Each piece could also highlight the same or different surface design techniques or methods across the year.

  • January– Your Favorite Color (this could set the tone for your overall piece - or not)
  • February – Lines
  • March –Triangles
  • April– Squares, Rectangles, Parallelogram
  •  May – Circles, Ovals
  • June– Other Geometrics (octagon, hexagon, kites)
  • July– Nature/Flowers
  • August– Nature/Animals
  • September– Household Objects, either inspirational or reused
  • October– Architectural/3Dimensional and/or ‘other’ objects, inspirational or  reused.
  • November– Abstract Design
  • December– Your choice; something tie them all together or perhaps you made two and can’t decide between them
  • January – Assemble & Deliver for the show

Members should keep a running journal of each piece so it will be easy to describe the methods applied to each.  This will accompany the submitted piece and will produce a 'dialogue' that can be read by the audience.  If you feel that this challenge is too confining (or time consuming), you are still be able to enter work of your own choice.  As always, you can enter up to two pieces so a second piece is of your own choosing.

Interesting and/or Educational Links

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Register for Social Media WorkshopLesley Laney of A Media Marketing will present an overview of the top Social Media Marketing platforms and help you learn how to integrate them into your marketing strategy. This course covers the basics: getting started, creating a strategy, developing a content schedule and time management. Channels covered include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate levels
WHEN: Sat., Dec. 12, 9 am – 12 pm
WHERE: Entrepreneur Collaborative Center, 2101 East Palm Ave., Tampa 33605
PARKING: On-site and in a secure lot directly across the street (Palm Ave)
FEE: $10. Please register to reserve your seat as space is limited.

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Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Google+
Arts Council Website:
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Telephone: (813) 276-8250


Our mailing address is:
Arts Council of Hillsborough County
1000 N. Ashley Dr., Suite 105
Tampa, FL 33602


Purpose of the Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to increase community awareness of surface design and its value in our lives while offering educational and experimental venues, thus supporting individual artistic creativity while promoting an attitude of mutual respect and exchange in all areas of surface design.

Membership to the Surface Design Guild is open to anyone with an interest in surface design of any variety. All levels of interest and expertise are welcome. If you or someone you know would like to join please contact  Bring your registration form to the next meeting or send a check made out to the Surface Design Guild to:

Surface Design Guild

Board & Committee Members 2016

President - Cindie Townley 618-407-9223

Vice President/Programs – Angie Knowles Secretary – Peggy Dauber

Treasurer/Membership – Mary Ann Pickard

Multi-Media Committee –
        NewsBlog: Sharon                                                  
        Web: Bonnie Bowman -

Mini-workshop Committee – Angie Knowles

Show Committee - annie! Wade -Chair, Llani O'Connor, Concepcion Tharin, Cindie Townley, Davida Milne, June Colburn, Aida Sheets, Sarah Butz, Linda Dawson, Sharon Appler.  Please join us if you would like to be part of the group.


We meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30PM. Doors open at 5:30 with social time between 6 and 6:30.   Limited table space is available for $5 for members to sell their work.

Suncoast Hospice  5771 Roosevelt Boulevard

Clearwater, FL 33760

We are in Building 10 which is immediately to the right of the Welcome Center as you face the building.

Minutes of the November Meeting

Opening Cyndi Townley welcome at 6:33pm
Introduction of NewMembers and Guests
Teresa Mott sews. Lori Wilson Quilts and knits, Barb Weisel, quilter, felter

Treasury Report and Membership. Ann Thomas Treasury balance $3445.38 Members 99
Election of 2016 Officers.-Angie Knowles

Cindy Townley President
Angie Knowles VP
Mary Ann Pickord Treasurer
Annie! Wade Shows
Peggy Dauber Secretary
Bonnie Bowman website
Sharon Appler newsletter
Voted on and passed

Linda Dawson a week early January 9&10 Sat. 10-4pm Sun. 1-5pm Reconstructive Screen Printing MX dye with soda ash $75

February Workshop: Personal Imagery Florida Craft Art long panels. Sarah Butz 4or5 teams for September

April National Teacher Judy Coates Perez  $125 perhaps. Mixed Media
Survey. Fill in survey for Angie Knowles
Presentation from the Painting on Paper Bags Class Cindi Townley, Angie Knowles, Gail Wells 
Presentation of Fabric Collage Class June Colburns 12 people 
Angie Knowles.

Dana Maley Holiday Party December Monday the 14th.
Decorations, Music, Gift Exchange not holiday related brown paper bag no name on it.
Member scavenger hunt. Think of something about yourself that is unique. email Dana. Food bring a potluck.
Name tags Bring an expired credit card, scissors and a glue gun. Prize for most creative.

Sarah Butz : Artcloth.... Sticks Leaves and Twig Show long and narrow. Can be sewn together, 22-36" wide. Wonderful and marvelous. Not less than 5 ft. Will have cost. Can be 1 or 2 sided. Work is due for jury's get in September.

Annie! Wade Paradise Found exhibit...Jan 4 2016 Feb. 26. Jan 2 work delivered to the library.on the 3rd Diane Shelley will jury the show. On the 4th the show will be set up Opening reception is TBD.

Mancuso Show. Jan Wed.  6th set up in Orlando, Fl. Convention Center. Quilts email pictures How to make a 4" sleeve. On the quilts, yes to loops, too.

Cathy Hayes Mini Workshop making it your own...all about originality.

Show and Tell
Marlene Glickman- indigo quilt and rusted using rusty AC pan Davida Milanese Dorothy Boynton paper folding an animal Angie Knowles-personal chop fabric covered journal Joanne Baxter beader wire wrapped bracelet, necklace baked clay wire wrapped Brenda Schlecter bag made circle slashed pattern.
Mary Ann Pickord Poppyfield and Yellowbrick Rd quilt Annie! Wade wall hangings Peggy Dauber-cool bleached jacket with dye blobs

Angie Announcements. She will contact the artist Perez.
Hillsboro art council  $40,000 grant program Usually $1000 
 Marlene Glickman.  Another stash of foil to donate

Adjourned at 8:15pm by Cindy Townley

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