November 2015 NewsBlog

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the St. Louis area to see family, fall leaves and enjoy Halloween. Every tree I looked at screamed, “EcoPrint Me.” I am very excited about the upcoming year. Our Board and Committees have planned to concentrate on Surface Design techniques for all members. Each month, Sharon Appler will present a challenge, Sarah Butz is coordinating workshops and groups to make an Art Cloth for the Florida Craft Art Show in October, and our monthly workshops will delve into methods that many of you have never tried. I really hope that more of you take the workshops each month. It’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of Surface Design, meet new friends and feel included in our unique group.


New Business and Information

Slate of officers for 2016
At the November meeting, we vote on the slate of officers for 2016. Installation will be held at the December Holiday Party. On the slate we have:

President: Cindie Townley
VP/Program/Mini-Workshops: Angie Knowles, Kim Sherrod
Secretary: Peggy Daubar
Treasurer: Mary Ann Pickard
Shows: Annie! Wade
Multi-Media; Bonnnie Bowman & Sharon Appler
Voting for the slate of officers will be during the November meeting. Installation will occur during the holiday party in December.

Holiday Party

Dana Maley is looking for volunteers to assist with the Holiday Party in December. This year she has lots of hands on activities planned to make this the best party ever. The Holiday party will include a Gift Exchange and it's that time of year to start making your gift to give at the Holiday Party. Each gift will be handmade by the artist, limiting cost of materials to $15. The gift is NOT to be holiday related. This gift will be presented in a brown paper grocery bag.
We will be making name tags at one of the craft stations during the party.You will need a blank hotel room key or expired credit card to act as a base(it will be covered up!). Please bring scissors, a glue gun (to share) or sewing machine (also to share) if you have one - probably no more than a handful of either are needed. Also bring embellishments you would like to use or wish to share. However, remember, it's a name tag so a small handful of embellishments will work. No need to bring three bags full!!! We will providing the magnetic back to hold it on your clothing and a strip label with your name on it to stick on the plastic backing.

Facebook & Website Link

If you have a Facebook page, please "Like" our Tampa Bay Surface Design page. If you have your own web site, you can reach a much wider audience by linking the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild Web Site to your site. Add this link( to your site to see how much more traffic you get! We are happy to link the guild site to your site as well. Just let Bonnie Bowman know.


Please keep bringing art related books and magazines for the monthly book sale. Books sell for one dollar and magazines are 50 cents. This is a good way to increase our treasury if you're willing to donate your unwanted books to the Guild.

Sell Your Wares

Any member wishing to sell their artwork or art supplies; the table fee is $5. The room opens at 5:30 and the meeting starts at 6:30. The meeting ends at 8:30 and we must be out by 9:00.

Video Library

We continue to take donations of Art Related DVD's for our new lending library. Each DVD can be loaned out for the month, then brought back to the next Meeting. We are especially interested in instructional matter. There will be a small rental fee to check them out. Kim Sherrod will be heading up this project. It is very successful at the Sarasota Guild. More details will follow once we build our collection.

Fashion Show


Workshops and Classes


"Is This Mine - a look at original design" Kathy Hays will discuss how workshop instruction becomes original art via a power point presentation. She will be sharing this concept via her personal journey in fiber art.

Nov 8th The Great Fabric Cut-up with June Colburn


Designing Artful Collages 1pm - 5pm. Cost $70.00 which includes a trunk show, workshop fee, workshop materials kit, & Indian Rocks Beach Art Center fee. Collage is a wonderful technique for enriching your artistic eye and creative spirit! Develop new ways to look at fabric: learn how to choose prints for collage, to "fussy" cut edges, to combine eight or more prints into one design by layering and fusing the fabrics onto a muslin foundation (stitching is optional). Explore color concepts. Take home an 18"x22" (larger/smaller?) masterpiece suitable for quilting, framing or making into a pillow, bag or garment panel. Photograph trunk show samples for future project ideas!
SUPPLY LIST:  Please bring a pair of small, sharp fabric scissors, plenty of pins, & a small trash bag. Everything else will be provided in your materials kit.
FABRIC KIT includes muslin foundation; 8-10 color coordinated cotton fabrics; 1 yard heat-fusible web; choice of focal design element; instructions. Kits will be available in a variety of color ways!

Note from Angie Knowles:
As an incoming program chairwoman, I need your help to create a great line-up of programs for 2016. In the next few days you will receive a survey asking for your input. Please take the time to complete this and return it to me via email or bring it to the November meeting.

I really want to make this a great year of workshops, and could use your help. 

Joey Long Paper Workshop

Jan 9&10: From Polychromatic to Deconstruction: A Screen Printing Adventure with Linda Dawson, Facilitator

 In 1984 Joy Stocksdale published a small volume describing her technique for screen printing florals and leafs on silk to create both clothing and wall hangings. It was an ingenious technique which allowed her to print all the pattern pieces, fronts, sleeves and back, as whole designs using a very large screen.
Kerr Grabowski became interested in this technique and through study combined with trial and error developed the deconstruction technique which she used for years. She has further refined this technique with the addition of mark making media such as water color pencils, charcoal and water color pastels. The January workshop will explore all these techniques.
The January 2016 workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 9th and 10th at the Indian Rocks Beach Art Center. Saturday will run 10:00 – 4:00 and Sunday will run 1:00 – 4:00 unless we decide something different once we get started. Cost of the workshop is $75.00 which include the fee to the Art Center.

Supply list: you will need the standard items for dyeing fabrics – rubber gloves, an OSCA approved dust mask, duck tape, old clothes which will not be damaged by dye, (Yes, we do sometimes spill on ourselves), a few paint brushes ranging from 1.5 to 2 inch which you do not mind putting in the dyes, pins for securing your fabric to your print pad, a print pad if you have one. I will bring 5, 2 24” squares, 2 48” squares and one 24” x 48” rectangle. If you attended a workshop by Jane Dunnewold or Kerr Grabowski you may still have the pad you got there. You will also need some plastic to wrap your wet fabrics to take home, a pool tube to wrap them on and a large garbage bag to hold them while in transit. You will also need fabric. We will be working mostly with fat quarters (18” x 22”) and half yards. The fabric should be cotton for learning purposes but the techniques work on all natural fabrics which take the MX dyes we will be using. You can use the bleached muslin from JoAnn’s or I will have some fabric available at the Holiday party for sale. Price to be determined once I order the fabric and see if the price as increased since I last ordered. It will be somewhere between $7.00 and $9.00 per yard. The fabric needs to be soda soaked. This is done by adding soda ash or Pool+ or Pool-Up to water, ¾ cup per gallon, soaking for 15 minutes and hanging to dry. DO NOT dye in the dryer as this will coat the dryer basket with soda ash. Finally, if you have silk screens please bring them. We will be making silk screens from adjustable window screens available at Home Depot. I will bring all the screens that I have so hopefully we will have enough screens. All other supplies will be furnished by me, including the dyes, print paste, soda ash, screening material for the screens, the mark making materials and the materials for creating texture. I will bring my hair dryer to help dry the screens and it would be nice if a few of you would also bring these items.


2016 Surface Design Guild Members Show
@ Clearwater Main Library
January 5 - February 26, 2016
Opening Reception - Sunday, January 10th from 2-4pm

Call for Pictures: While the art for our fabulous juried Paradise Found exhibit doesn't have to be delivered to the Clearwater library until January 2nd...we do need - and WANT to make a beautiful invitation that you can email...or mail...or hand out. I'm hoping that many of you are far enough along in the next couple weeks to send pictures of your entries to Sarah Butz so they can possibly be included on the invite. The high resolution pictures need to be delivered to Sarah by November 6th. Please send shots of the whole piece along with detail pix to

Show Information: The Guild encourages members to get their best work together for display. Submit work that has not been previously shown in an SDG exhibit and less than two years old. Our show will be juried by Diane Shelly, Executive Director of Florida CraftArt, on Sunday, January 3, 2016.

The Show Committee will:

  • design a pamphlet to use as invitations and for the press
  • accept 2-D and 3-D work on Saturday, January 3, 2016 between 10am and 2pm.    -hang show - all work will be hung at our discretion on January 4th
  • coordinate and hold an opening reception on Sunday, January 10th from 2-4pm
  •  take down show on February 27th…at which time members will be required to pick up their work from the library between the hours of 11am - 1pm.

SDG Members will:

  •  pay $25 entry fee per member for up to 2 pieces of work
  • sign guild contract
  • deliver work to Clearwater Main library on Saturday, January 2nd between the hours of 10am and 2pm. No work can be accepted after this date.
  • provide ready to hang work
  • provide label information & a short artist statement describing your piece in a Microsoft Word format to by Saturday, January 2nd
  • give credit if you use others patterns, images or artwork or name the instructor if you did it in a workshop
  • if your work is not juried into the show, it must be picked on on Monday, January 4th
  • you may offer your art for sale, but if you do, you must provide contact information as the sale would be between you and the buyer - SDG, nor the library will be involved in any sales
  • work can't be taken down until after the show closes on February 26th
  • volunteer to provide food for opening reception
  • send out e-vites and invitations to your mailing lists.

If you would like your work to be considered for the invitation, please submit 300 dpi high resolution photos of your work to Deadline date TBA

We need:

  •        2 volunteers to sign-in work on January 3rd
  •        4 volunteers to hang work on January 4th
  •        2 volunteers to coordinate opening reception on January 10th
Exhibit Show Committee…Llani O'Connor, Concepcion Tharin, Cindie Townley, Davida Milne, June Colburn, Aida Sheets, Sarah Butz, Linda Dawson, annie! Wade.  Please join us if you would like to be part of the group.

Mancuso Show

World Quilt Florida
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
January 7-9, 2016

We have been offered an opportunity to showcase the Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild in this exhibit. It will be a great experience for new and old artists/crafters, alike, to show their best work that represents the talents of our group! The piece must be able to hang. It's a great opportunity to for our guild to show Florida who we are and what we do. Click this Mancuso Show link for more details about the show.

Set-up will be on Wednesday, January 6 – exact time to be determined but normally between 9 am and 2 pm. Take down is at the close of the show on Saturday January 9 – 6:00 pm. 

Annie has provided the guidelines below for the Mancuso Show. Some information will need to be provided to the organizers by Nov 7th, so we need to have the details to accompany our application ASAP. If you are planning to enter this show, provide the Title, Size and Insurance value to Annie by Friday, November 6th.

Because exhibitors are encouraged to provide an image of an item for publicity, if you would like this to be your artwork, submit a photo to Annie. With your submission of your work, you will need to provide the artist statement card information described below. Annie's email is
Mancuso Show Management
Guidelines & Agreement for Special Exhibitions / Exhibitors
• Exhibitors provide an exhibit title and an approximately 75-100 word paragraph to publish in the event brochure, press releases and on the event’s website. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide an image of an item in the exhibit for use on the event’s website.
• Exhibitors are required to provide, approximately 2 months before the event’s opening, a list of items in the exhibit by title, maker, size and insurance value.
• Exhibitors need to provide artist statement “blurb” cards to hang with each item in the exhibit. These need to include name of maker / title of item and may also include more details plus a descriptive paragraph (samples can be provided).
• All quilts must have a 4” hanging sleeve on the upper back. Exhibits that have special hanging or display instructions must receive approval from Show Management before the exhibit is accepted. Special display required? Yes___ No___ (If yes, please attach details.)
• Exhibits must be shipped as a group in as few boxes as possible, or delivered to the Convention Center as a group by a maximum of 4 people (works may not be individually delivered or picked up).
• Show Management will provide “return service” pick-up of exhibits by UPS or other carrier for shipped exhibits and return exhibits within 5 days of the close of the event.
• Shipping instructions for return. This is N/A for our exhibit
INSURANCE: Individual quilts may be insured for $100 up to $1,000 each (please be realistic with values). Items valued at greater than $1,000 require a written appraisal. Items cannot be insured for greater than $5,000 each (even with a greater appraised value). MSM insurance coverage excludes earthquake and flood.
Approximate Total Insurance Value of Exhibit: $_______________________ ($5,000 Maximum / Individual Item)
I / We acknowledge that Mancuso Show Management and the exhibitor(s) will take every precaution to protect this exhibit, but understand that either party cannot be responsible for acts of nature, casualty, war, government regulation, civil disorder, terrorism, disaster, strikes, or any other cause of emergency beyond the party’s control.
Photography/Images: As an exhibitor, my signature grants Mancuso Show Management the right to photograph this exhibit for promotional use of its festivals. Show Management does not restrict public attendees from photographing exhibit quilts.
Title of Exhibit: ___________________________________________________________
Signature__________________________ Name (printed) __________________________
Date __________

Please mail to Mancuso Show Management, PO Box 667, New Hope, PA 18938,
fax to (215) 862-9753, or scan and email to

Florida Craft Art

SDG has invited to be a part of Sticks, Leaves and Twigs, an invitational show featuring wood, fiber and basketry, August 26- October 22, 2016. We have been asked to create yardage about 8’ long and 22” wide. This yardage will hang from the ceiling of the gallery. The panels should reference some aspect of trees or forests. We will be sending our work as a group at the beginning of August and the curator will choose the pieces that will be in the show. Some examples of a similar type of yardage from the Brooker Creek show are displayed throughout this article

Linda Dawson

The Guild has many new members who may not have had an opportunity to create surface design yardage. Sara Butz would like to take the FCA show opportunity to set up a mentoring program for those members that are interested this opportunity. She recommends we form groups of 3 or 4 that will work together to learn the process of producing this type of yardage.
Small groups will investigate the following concepts:

  • Dyeing fabric- using fiber-reactive dyes and shibori techniques
  • Discharge
  • Screen print

Sarah Butz
Exploration will be done in small groups to learn techniques. Sarah is currently looking for members that would be willing to mentor in one or all of these areas for a small group. Each member of the group will work individually to produce their own design, imagery, and yardage or in collaboration with others - it is the members choice. Hopefully, we will have enough mentors to accommodate all of the members who would like to participate. Sarah would like to begin this process (and it is a process that takes time) in February. Please talk to her to volunteer so she can begin to organize this effort.

Bonnie Bowman (left), Mei Ling StLeger (right)

Our hope is that this process will result in the best of group learning and personal inspiration. We have a lot of expertise in our guild and this should be a wonderful way to share it and help each other grow as artists. These groups are not intended to be part of our ongoing regular Sunday afternoon workshops. 
Please call or email Sarah if you would like to be a mentor. Feel free to use techniques that have worked for you. Our goal is to have high quality yardage pieces from across our group to enter in the show next August.

Congratulations to our own Bonnie Bowman

Bonnie was the Grand Prize Winner of the Wearable Art Fashion Show for Dia de los Muertos at Casa Tina, Dunedin.

Interesting and/or Educational Links

Last month, Kathy Hayes sent an article about Felter's Fling 2015. The first page of the article was included in the newsletter with links to the mentor's web sites. The remainder of the article has wonderful pictures of the mentors work. The complete article is available on the Tampa Bay Surface Design Website at this link Felter's Fling 2015.


Purpose of the Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to increase community awareness of surface design and its value in our lives while offering educational and experimental venues, thus supporting individual artistic creativity while promoting an attitude of mutual respect and exchange in all areas of surface design.

Membership to the Surface Design Guild is open to anyone with an interest in surface design of any variety. All levels of interest and expertise are welcome. If you or someone you know would like to join please contact  Bring your registration form to the next meeting or send a check made out to the Surface Design Guild to:
Surface Design Guild

Attention: Ann Thomas

5905 Suwanee Ave

Tampa , FL 33604

Board & Committee Members 2015

President - Cindie Townley 618-407-9223

Vice President/Programs – Dana Maley   
Secretary – Angelea Carpenter

Treasurer/Membership – Ann Thomas

Multi-Media Committee – 
          NewsBlog: Sharon                                                       
          Web: Bonnie Bowman -

Mini-workshop Committee – Angie Knowles

Show Committee - annie! Wade -Chair, Llani O'Connor, Concepcion Tharin, Cindie Townley, Davida Milne, June Colburn, Aida Sheets, Sarah Butz, Linda Dawson, Sharon Appler.  Please join us if you would like to be part of the group.


We meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30PM. Doors open at 5:30 with social time between 6 and 6:30.   Limited table space is available for $5 for members to sell their work.


Suncoast Hospice 
5771 Roosevelt Boulevard

Clearwater, FL 33760

We are in Building 10 which is immediately to the right of the Welcome Center as you face the building.

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