Whimsical Assemblage with Dana Maley...we need to do this again!

Kudos to Dana Maley for this orchestrating this wonderful event for the Tampabay Surface Design Guild Members at Bonnie Bowman's studio..

She brought every material the we could imagine or not imagine and all kinds of tools and equipment to try out.

We were inspired by the huge selection of eclectic materials brought in by Dana and some of the participants. 

It was almost overwhelming at times.

We shared skills and ideas, here Donna Issac is demonstrating how she uses a heat gun and colored glue sticks.

Marlene Glickman and Gayle Wells share tips.

Finally we get to work!

Assemblage by Gayle Wells is ready for finishing touches.

Completed project by Dana Maley.

So much fun ... perhaps we can do it again...we certainly have enough stuff left to recycle!

The Tampabay Surface Design Guild August 2013 Meeting

Last night's meeting was informative and
filled with eye candy

We got excited about Dana Maley's upcoming workshop on Whimsical Assemblage  This Sunday at Bonnie Bowman's studio.  And next month on September 15th Sarah Butz will show us how to created fabulous and stylish new clothes out of discarded T-shirt.


Then Jackie Denning demonstrated how she creates her wonderful screen prints.

Finally the member's  "show and tell" is inspiring as always!

   Sarah and Aida give us a sneak peek at a project for the paper show at the Florida Craftsman Gallery and..

Natural Indigo Dyed pieces by Ann Thomas and Dana Maley 

Fabulous felt by Kathy Hays

Member's showed off their baskets from our last workshop.

Another one of Annie Wades delightful fabric collages. 

 Hand-dyed yardage by Angie Knowles 

 Hand painted fabric by Davida
 "Deconstructed" prints by Dana

More by Dana!

And exquisite new work in progress by Marlene Glickman!

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