Guidelines for the 2017 Member Show Challenge

2017 Surface Design Challenge - Surface Design in Many Mediums

NOTE:  In case the explanation of the Challenge was somewhat confusing at the meeting, I've extracted this write up from the NewsBlog so you can reference it separately.  If you scan to the bottom of this post, you will see the January Blog. 
This is 12 month challenge running from January 2016 through December 2016 culminating in  a single, cohesive piece of work for our 2017 Member Show (Venue TBD).  The goal is to demonstrate the infinite variety that emerges when different 'design eyes' create art using a single set of guidelines.    There only a few suggested guidelines that are merely intended to invoke similar thoughts in the viewer.  If you are attending any of the surface design workshops for the Florida CraftArt pieces, you may want to consider also producing your 'piece of the month' during those sessions.

Every month will be done on a consistent surface size (you choose the size).  You want an eye on the end goal (12 pieces) that will be joined together.  For example, a 12" square surface would yield a pretty big object (nominally 3' x 4')  However, this size is your choice and if you don’t want them all the same size, it’s up to you.  If you want to mix your media, you decide.  All 12 surfaces will be joined into a single piece for presentation in the show. Hence the "consistent size" suggestion, for potential ease of assembly.

Each month’s piece will highlight the challenge theme as follows. Each piece could also highlight the same or different surface design techniques or methods across the year.
  • January– Your Favorite Color (this could set the tone for your overall piece - or not)
  • February – Lines
  • March –Triangles
  • April– Squares, Rectangles, Parallelogram
  •  May – Circles, Ovals
  • June– Other Geometrics (octagon, hexagon, kites)
  • July– Nature/Flowers
  • August– Nature/Animals
  • September– Household Objects, either inspirational or reused
  • October– Architectural/3Dimensional and/or ‘other’ objects, inspirational or  reused.
  • November– Abstract Design
  • December– Your choice; something to tie them all together or perhaps you made two and can’t decide between them
  • January – Assemble & Deliver for the show
Members should keep a running journal of each piece so it will be easy to describe the methods applied to each.  This will accompany the submitted piece and will produce a 'dialogue' that can be read by the audience.  If you feel that this challenge is too confining (or time consuming), you are still be able to enter work of your own choice.  As always, you can enter up to two pieces in a member show so a second piece is of your own choosing.

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