June 2015 Newsletter

I was very proud and happy Friday night to see the amazing work our Guild produced for the Dunedin Fine Arts Show. The turn-out was incredible. A big Congratulations needs to go to Cathy Simms, who won first place for the Elemental Show and Bonnie Ward for second place. Thank you, Sara Butz, for putting this all together and coordinating with the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. I'm also excited about the upcoming classes that Dana Maley has put together for the next few months. They are very diverse and interesting. Everyone should try out one that interests them. Don't forget to talk to me or another Board Member about any new ideas or direction you would like to see happen with the Guild. Thanks for all your contributions, 
Cindie Townley

This month we're struttin' our stuff in the  Tampa Bay Surface Design Guild's Member Show 2015 at Dunedin Fine Arts Center (DFAC).  Our show is part of "Common Threads" which  is the theme for a Quartet of Quilts and Textile Exhibits which opened on Friday night, May 29th.
As you check out the show below, please let us know if you do not see your work.  There was a lot to see and photograph and something may have slipped through the crack.  If so, we will update this blog, and feature your work in the next months newsletter as well.  Thanks for contributing to a wonderful show.


Members win the Elemental: Florida Invitational Quilt Show.  

In addition to our own show, some of our members were invited to enter the Elemental: Florida Invitational Quilt Show which is another one of the four shows in the quartet.  Elemental show was won by a TBSDG member Cathy Simms with fellow member  Bonnie Ward  taking second.  The winning piece was actually a collaboration between Cathy Simms and Kathy Hays on the art quilt, Earth Elements, which was juried into the ELEMENTAL show.  Guild members will remember Kathy's Hays's challenge to the guild to combined felted wool (which she created and provided to guild members) with stitches to build a nontraditional combination of felted wool and quilted stitches and other embellishments.  The result was very organic and different from other entries in the show.  Obviously, these judges liked the result.  A number of other SDG members also experimented with the wool/quilting combo and so perhaps we may be at the beginning of a new trend. 

WAY TO GO LADIES!  Be sure to check out their creations as part of the Elemental show at DFAC as well.   

 Opening Night Photos

DEMO Saturday

On Saturday, May 30th, members of the Guild did surface design demonstrations at DFAC.  Below, check out Annie Wade, Marlene Glickman, Mei Ling Seger, Gail Crotty, Leanne Kroetche, and the model, showing off the scarf she made at Marlene's table.  In the photo below that are Bonnie Bowman, Angelea Carpenter, Kim Sherrod and Leanne.  These  the great and creative ladies that showed up to demo their stuff. 



The leftover Art Supplies from the free table at the meeting will go with Donna Isaac for the County Sheriff's Program for At Risk Kids.  

Our August meeting can not be held at the Suncoast Hospice Center. Sara Butz was able to secure the Florida Craft Art Meeting room at no charge for that evening. Please note the change on your calendar.  Florida Craft Art (formerly Florida Craftsman) is at 501 Central Ave, on the corner of Central and 5th St, downtown St. Petersburg.  The meeting room is on the second floor.

Show & Tell from the May Meeting

Surface Design Guild Workshops

Remember to sign up at the meeting - so bring your checkbook!

June 14th - Felted Wall Hanging with Leanne Kroetche

The class will be held at Leanne's house so that the class has access to her dryer for the wet felting (and her stash!!!)  Participants will create a wet felted “canvas” with a wool base which will be 'painted' with fiber to add color and texture. Felting needles and embroidery stitching will be used to add dimensional elements to the composition.  All of the materials to create the wall art are included in the fee.  Your felted piece can be used for a wall hanging, purse or journal cover - depending upon your preference.  Cindie's wonderful piece at the Dunedin Fine Art Center was made in a previous class. 
The class is both instructional as well as a challenge for your surface design creativity because you will need to come up with a design in advance of the class. For inspiration, I have attached a photo of the banyan tree wall hanging that I created in preparation for the class.  In addition, you may want to check out the following Pinterest sites.  

Please contact Leanne directly threadedartwear@gmail.com once you know generally what theme you have in mind so that she can ensure that she has sufficient roving and embellishments available for your color scheme with silk fibers, roving, diva yarns and other fun stuff to play with.
Supplies List:  Please bring extra towels and needle felting tools if you have them.

 July19 -  Encaustic Wax, with Kathleen Fulmer

Indian Rocks Beach Art Center - Time and cost details are tbd.

August 16…bohemiannie!bag, with Annie Wade

10am to 5pm at IRBAC  cost is $ 35.00  Back by popular demand, this is Annie's workshop on bag making.  It's a don't miss.  More details in the July Newsletter. 

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 19 & 20 Eco Printed Books, with Kim Sherrod & Margaret Hillman 
Time for this two day workshop is TBD.  Location is IRBAC cost is $ 60.00

Photos of May's Workshop
Please remember to wear your creations to the next meeting for show and tell.  The two sisters, Celeste and Mary, that conducted last month's workshop were a hoot and very good at keeping the Charm School on task.  Check out the photos below which include not only the creations being done by the class but also elements of the Goatfeathers trunk show.  They brought many amazing things that they do to inspire our creativity.  They also had us introduce ourselves and we found out that Cindie was a stripper in her former life!!! Okay, she was a member of the local house-painters union and was a paint stripper...


Mini Workshops:  

Angie Knowles has lined up following schedule.  She is also begging for volunteers for future workshops.

June,  annie! Wade will demonstrate fabric beads
July - Sharon Appler doing Sticky Foil on 3D objects
August - Marlene Glickman - foiling on cards and fabric

In the Mini Workshop at last month's meeting, Kim Sherrod demonstrated Freemotion Portraits.  

These are notes jotted down during Kim's demonstration.  She started by saying that the key to the process is to get a line drawing of the face you want to reproduce.  You can Google ‘line drawing’ to get an image of almost anyone, but as an artist, please remember that someone owns the image you get.  To do a line drawing yourself, take a photo and crop just the head.  If it was not digital to begin with, scan it into your computer.  You will need some sort of software that will allow you to generate a line drawing.  Kim uses Corel.  Use artist effects/posterize or art-media/pencil in the photo tool you use (Picasa is free).  Or, hand copy the main lines of the photo using tracing paper or acetate.  Your goal is to get a line drawing of the face.  To get the image onto fabric, tape the fabric and image (acetate or tracing paper) to a window.  Use a frixon pen to trace the image (the kind that will disappear under heat).  You can also use sulky solvy to put the image on with sharpie – be careful that the sharpie may color the fabric as the solvy dissolves.  Trace the lines you put on the fabric with your machine, using free motion – that means feed dogs dropped on Kim’s machine.  Additional advice:  1) Be aware that you could be making a creepy image so don’t practice with your cute grandchildren. 2) The pencil disappears completely but the other techniques (sulky solvy, etc) may get trapped under your stitches.   3) Practice, practice, practice.  Most important tip is to throw the bad stuff away.  You need to practice and your practice work is mostly not worth keeping.    

Workshops offered by Guild Members

June 5 - Indigo Dyeing Workshop with Angie Knowles

Other Workshops

The Surface Design Organization sent information on the following workshop (thanks to Sara Butz for sharing with us).

 SDA Craft + Concept Intensive 2015
at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts
 Gatlinburg, Tennessee USA  / OCTOBER 8-11
Meet these movers, shakers & makers whose creative practices have community impact. Join them for an unprecedented opportunity to incubate new work using

Arts Activism / Socially-Engaged Art (SEA)
Natural Dyeing & Low Impact Colorants
Ethical Fashion / Sustainable Cloth

Presenters include (l-r, above) social entrepreneur Mary Fisher, arts activist Ann Morton, indigo master Rowland Ricketts, natural dye advocate Yoshiko Wada
fashion provocateur Carole Frances Lung (aka Frau Fiber) + local fiber leader Judi Jetson (among many others). They'll offer expertise and guidance in areas ranging from the latest in natural dyeing processes and eco-fashion to building craft collectives and conceptualizing community projects that serve vulnerable populations.

Whether your project is personal, regional or global, 
this 3-day immersion will incite & support bold action.

Mary Fisher with artisans in Africa; Rowland Rickett's indigo farm; Frau Fiber hacks fashion via video conference.

View robust program of renown speakers & hot topics here.

 Access conference brochure with complete information here.

Made/Aware will provide a unique context for

artists, designers, educators & activists to share, discover, experiment & network. Each participant will leave Made/Aware ready to innovate, collaborate, act - and inspire others.

Participation is limited to 200 members of SDA.

Register early to ensure your participation in this exclusive event. Register before July 1 

to get the lowest rate.

Call Arrowmont at 865-436-5860 to reserve your place NOW.

View pre-conference workshops (Oct 5-7) on related techniques here.


Quote of the Month:  “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”  Danny Kaye

 In case you missed it last month, our own Bonnie Bowman participated in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center Garden Party.  Here she is with her felted ladies.

TBSGD Meeting 11 May 2015

 The meeting was called to order by Cindie Townley
 Cindie asked if anyone left a piece of white flannel fabric on the desk at Dunedin when turning in their art?  Cindie has it. 
 Cindie asked would like a volunteer for pictures during show and tell.  Annie Wade volunteered to do it for us. 
Introduction of New Members and Guests
Guest – Kendra Newman from Sarasota.  She was the president of the Sarasota Guild.  She set up our web site.  She’s into making clothes now – recycling things. 
 No other new members were present to introduce this month. 
Treasurery Report – Ann Thomas
Right now we have $2771.50.  Membership is currently 74 members paid up to date.  
August Meeting Change
The room at Hospice is not available for August.  We need to find a meeting spot that is central to the area.  We can $100/month to use this room so we can donate that to the facility.  Someone will find out if McDonas (?) (Tampa) or FL CraftArt are available and let Cindie know.        
Shows – Sara Butz
Sara sent out an SOS to pick up the invitations/posters for the show that will be on over the summer.  Everyone volunteered to help and thanks to Cathy Simms who picked them us for us.  Members should help themselves to a flyer.  The opening is FRIDAY, May 29th.   We will let you know when to pick up your work.  If you are gone, please arrange in advance to have someone in the Guild grab it for you. 
Demo Day at DFAC – Bonnie says…  if you signed up to do a demo, get there by 10am.  We can go right up until 2pm.  If you want to do a demo, you can still sign up.  Tables will be set up in the atrium.  Let her know if you need power.  
We are doing demo day on the day after the opening – 10 til 2pm.  See more info later. 
 Also, there is a sock puppet show in the kids museum this summer. 
 Mei Ling is at Carolyn Kosar’s gallery in Ybor.  May 18 – June 18th.  Mei Ling says that the artists reception is May 28th from 4-8.   
Workshops – Dana Maley
May – Goatfeathers is this Sunday.  The Charm School necklace was passed around.  They will be coming down from north FL.  Cost is $60.  Includes everything except the base necklace and one odd piece of jewelry you bring.  10:00am – 2:30. 
June – 14th 9am – 5pm.  Leanne Kroetche Cost is $100.  The supplies list will be sent from Leanne if you sign up.  She held up a piece that’s been worked 6 hours so a finished product is achievable.   It can be any size you want.  The class is for you to be creative and you will need to supply the design theme,  background color and a skein of roving.  Bring ribbon, silk, art yarns, crystals, embroidery thread, or anything you have lying around from your stash.  The most critical item is that you need to bring is towels.  Maximum of 10 people for this.
Dana said Kathleen Fulmer is willing to teach encaustic wax or silk paper making for July or August’s workshop.  Supplies can be $20-70 and a heat source for encaustic wax.  Look for more details in next months newsletter; if you have a preference, let Dana know.   
Angie Knowles – Mini Workshops
Angie begged for people to do Demos. 
Next month Annie will demo Fabric Beads. 
 We need someone for July.  (Potentially Sharon Appler doing sticky foil multi-media on found objects).
 Marlene will do August – foiling on Paper or Fabric.
Kim Sherrod demonstrated Freemotion Portraits.   
Kim issued a challenge to just try this and bring the results to the meeting in October.

Show and Tell
Trish Sande – Suddenly it’s Spring Rabbit.  Her Granddog, Penny. Necklace inspired by one she saw in Portland  

Annie Wade – Bobbin a day quilts – “A funny thing happened” story quilt &  Island Scene with green fuzz & part of a big quilt that became bookmarks and now is small.

Linda Dawson – It’s been a while since she’s been here.  The first piece she needle felted and then free motion stitched the holes.  Next was parts of a series of quilts she’s making based on swiss cheese leaf.  Atonal (B/W); Green swiss cheese leaves; Abstract swiss cheese leaves.  Combination of organic and abstract.  Next one will be 3D leaves.

Kathy Hayes – First, Ecoprint a silk/wool blend vest with three different kinds of leaves.  Second, a Nuno felted top that she did for her E-Book on seamless garments.  Next month, her runway dress from Project Handmade.

Dianna Frazier - Shearless Sheep wool dyed and made into some balls, beads and a pennant.  If you want some, let her know.  She has access to someone that is giving it away by the handfuls.

Sarah Butz – Necklace inspired by someone in France with crochet and flowers.  Journals made with her Cinch machine

Carol Bickford – Ice Dying T shirts and Silk broadcloth.  Sharon Appler, ice dyed bar mop towels.

Bonnie Ward – Quilt challenge based on a house or home. 3D houses based on Quilting Arts magazine house. 

Pat Bryce, Gail Crotty, Angie Knowles, Cathy Sims,  - Kathy Hayes workshop products.

Angie Knowles – Missed guild last month to attend a Workshop in Arizona with a Nigerian indigo artist.  Learned how to do a natural Indigo vat, Cassava resist paste, stencils out of tin. Google “adire resist dying” for more info. She’s doing a class on June 5th.  This info is in the newsletter.

Marlene Glickman – Top from freebie African fabric, Australian fabric, Oriental Fabric – her challenge she gave herself to use all her printed fabrics.   Silk fabrics that she’s dyed with Colorhue dyes. Angie’s challenge bobbin a day challenge she took lots of little pieces, Japanese fabric, hand dyed silk to make boxes – many, many boxes that stack inside other boxes.  Oh man… Oh dear,  Marlene seems to be doing more than one bobbin a day.

Kaisa(pronounced Kasha) Kase – Mandala quilts accepted into Sacred Threads exhibit.  . 

Peggy Dubar – Foiling on her shirt inspired by Marlene’s workshop.

Dorothy Boynton – Paper Mache chairs and cardboard doll

Kim Sherrod – Dolls with Dairy creamer bottles, cardboard niche, masking taped, paper mache, and paper clay.  Wire basket hats.  She called them Findes keeper, loser, weeper dolls. 

Ann Thomas’s niece Alena Hennesey and ex sister in law have opened an art gallery in Ashville, NC.  Rose Water Gallery and Gifts. 

Donna Isacc is working with Pinellas County Sheriff’s office doing art workshops for disadvanted kids – she will be taking anything left over on the free table to support this.  She will talk about it next month.     

Last year, we gave $150 to three different art centers to fund art camps.  Dunedin, Beach Art, Morean.  Total of $450.  This year, we are using the entry fee $$ collected from the Dunedin show to fund the scholarships.  Sarah Butz moved to spend $450 to for scholarships for this year.  Dana Maley seconded.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Marlene Glickman said that she has some more scarf inventory in 11 x 72 lightweight silk that you can’t get from Dharma or Thai silks.  She got them directly from China.  See her for more details. 

Correction:  We pay $50/month to Hospice so the fee for the August meeting should line up with that. 


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